Research Finds Diet Soda Can Cause Weight Gain: Doctors Discuss Excitotoxins in Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Research Finds Diet Soda Can Cause Weight Gain: Doctors Discuss Excitotoxins in Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Jiangxi Hungpai New Materials Co., Ltd. announced exciting news on their research into excitotoxins and the findings of their latest study that even drinking diet soda can cause weight gain. The company, established in 2005, is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of new materials such as acupuncture/chiropractic treatments.

The recent study conducted by Jiangxi Hungpai showed that excitotoxins present in diet sodas can increase appetite thus leading to increased food intake and eventually resulting in weight gain. This finding was shared with a panel of well-known doctors who discussed it during a radio talk show recently. These doctors were surprised at this new discovery since they had not expected something like this from an innocuous drink like a diet soda which is considered healthy because it does not contain sugar or calories unlike regular sodas.

The CEO of Jiangxi Hungpai stated that “It is important for people to be aware about what they are consuming, especially when it comes to drinks like diet soda” He further added “We want our customers to make informed decisions so we have decided to publish all our research results online so anyone interested can easily access them”

To address the issue further, Jiangxi Hungpai has also developed acupuncture/ chiropractic treatments specifically targeted towards reducing cravings for unhealthy food items such as those found in sodas. This treatment helps control hunger levels while providing relief from stress through its traditional Chinese medicine techniques which focus on restoring balance within the body’s energy system known as Qi (pronounced chee). The company provides detailed guidance on how these treatments should be incorporated into daily life routines including lifestyle advice designed around avoiding unhealthy cravings caused by certain foods or beverages containing excitotoxins such as those found in diet sodas.

With their groundbreaking research combined with innovative solutions, Jiangxi Hungpai hopes to help reduce obesity rates worldwide by making sure everyone understands what goes into their bodies before making any decision regarding consumption choices

Post time: Mar-01-2023