• Vision Outlook

    Vision Outlook

    The company's overall strategy is to drive innovation with information, lead the frontier of silicon-based material technology, achieve green development, and create greater economic and social value. As the company enters a new stage of development, Hungpai New Material...
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  • Social Contributions

    Social Contributions

    The first item, • Donate anti-epidemic materials to tide over the epidemic together • Since the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection during the Spring Festival in 2019, Jiangxi Hungpai New Materials Co., Ltd. has insisted that the epide...
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  • Research and Innovation

    Research and Innovation

    As the first company in the industry to complete the green cycle production of the new silicon material industry chain, Hungpai pays great attention to investment in technology research and development. We have got a professional team with experts in many fields, such as...
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  • Our Main Business

    Our Main Business

    Our main business is dedicated to the research, manufacture and sales of new silicon-based materials such as functional silanes, nano-silicon materials, and other chemical additives. Hungpai has a circular economic system and one of the leading industrial scale enterpris...
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