Chloroalkyl Silane Coupling Agent, E-R2, γ-chloropropyl triethoxysilane, Package of 200kg in PVC drum

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γ-chloropropyl triethoxysilane

 Structural Formula


Physical properties

It is colorless transparent liquid with light odor of ethanol. Its boiling point is (98-102)℃(1.33kpa), and refractive rate is 1.4200±0.005(20℃).It can be soluble in some organic solvent such as alcohol , acetone , benzene and methylbenzene, but insoluble in water. May hydrolyze and form ethanol when water or moisture contact with it.


γ2 content

≧98 %

Impurity content


γ2:γ-chloropropyl triethoxysilane


γ2 is a multifuncational silane coupling agent used successfully in rubber making. It can improve the physical and mechanical performance of rubber, as well as the tackiness of some polymer such as epoxy resin, PS and so on.
It also can be main material of product silane coupling agent such as 15891,6692,2643 etc.

Packing and Storage

1.  200kg in PVC drum.
2.  Sealed storing:Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places.
3.  Storage life: Longer than 2 years in normal conditions.


2——Bis-[3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl]- tetrasulfide;

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