Epoxy Silane Coupling Agent, HP-560/KH-560 (China), CAS No. 2530-83-8, γ-Glycidyloxypropyl trimethoxysilane

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Chemical Name

γ-Glycidyloxypropyl trimethoxysilane

Structural Formula


Equivalent Product Name

Z-6040(Dowcorning), KBM-403(Shin-Etsu), A-187(Crompton),S510(Chisso),KH-560(China)

CAS Number


Physical Properties

A colorless transparent liquid, soluble in acetone﹑benzene﹑aether and halohydrocarbon, insoluble in water. Easily hydrolysis in the mixture of moisture or water ﹒Boiling point is 290℃.


HP-560 Content,%

≥ 97.0

Density (g/cm3)(25℃)

1.070 ± 0.050

Refractive index (25℃)

1.4270 ± 0.0050

Application Range

HP-560 is a kind of epoxy silane, it can be used for epoxy adhesive and sealant in order to improve adherence properties. It also can be used in epoxy resin, ABS, phenolic resin, nylon, PBT for improving physical properties, especially improving mechanical, waterproof, electrical and heat resistance properties, also it can modify tearing strength, tensile strength and compression set of silica rubber. in addition, it can be used with inorganic fillers to improve properties of synthetic materials.
It is used with inorganic fillers such as aluminium hydroxides, silica, mica, glass bead etc.


Recommend dosage:1.0-4.0 PHR﹒

Package and storage

1.Package: 25kgs or 200kgs in plastic drums.
2.Sealed storing:Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places.
3.Storage life:Longer than one year in normal storing condition.

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