Anti Adhesion Agent, CS-103, Zinc Stearate/Pure water/Surface active agent/Antifoam Agent, Package of 50 kg in paper drums

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CS-103 is produced with highgrade zinc stearate and pure water by high-pressure and high-speed synthesis; it has almost the same effect as the powder product.


Zinc Stearate
Pure water
Surface active agent
Antifoam Agent

Physical Properties

White paste form, and can easily dissolve in water, no side-effect for rubbers, no pollution, nondiscoloring.

Application Range

With excellent anti-adherent property, it is suitable for all kinds of products in rubbers and plastics


Recommend dosage:about with 25-30 times water

Package and storage

1.Package:50 kg in paper drums.
2.Sealed storing:Keep in cool , dry and ventilated place
3.Storage life:longer than six months in normal storing conditions

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