Antioxidant, SPP, Styrenated phennols, Mixture of Styrenated phennols and Silica, Package of 20kg in paper bag (PE membrane inside)

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Chemical Name

Mixture of Styrenated phennols and Silica

Structural Formula

Styrenated phennols

Physical Properties

It’s a white powder with light typical odor. It is partly soluble in ethyl alcohol, acetone, benzene, and trichloroethane etc. it is insoluble in water.


Refractive rate(25℃)

1.6010 ± 0.005

pH Value

5.5 ~ 8.5

Viscosity of Antioxidant SP (cps/25℃)

≥ 8000

Application Range

•Antioxidant SP/P is a mixture of liquid Antioxidant SP and silica. Just as SP, Antioxidant SP/P can be used in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It acts good protection against aging caused by heat, flexing, light and whether.
•It neither discolors nor contaminates the combined material. It is easily dispersed without blooming phenomenon.
•It is mainly used for shoes material, rubberized fabric, latex sponge, white color product, vivid color product and transparent product.
•It also can be used for avoid forming gelatin in SBR.


Recommend dosage:1.0-3.0 PHR

Package and storage

1.Package: 20kg in paper bag (PE membrane inside).
2.Sealed storing:Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places.
3.Storage life:Longer than one year in normal storing conditions.

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