Sulfur-Silane Coupling Agent, liquid HP-1891, CAS No. 14814-09-6, γ-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane

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Physical Properties

It’s a colorless clear liquid with light typical odor and soluble easily in alcohol, acetone, benzene, toluene etc. Insoluble in water, but hydrolyze when contact with water or moisture. Boiling point is 82.5℃(0.67Kpa), special gravity is 1.000(20℃).Flash point is 87℃, molecular weight is 238.


Alcohol Content (%)

£ 1.0

HP-1891 Contentα (%)

³ 95.0

Specific Gravity (25℃)

0.980 ± 0.020

Refractive Index (25℃)

1.430 ± 0.020

Application Range

•HP-1891 is a kind of multifunctional silane coupling agent containing mercapto group.  It act as activator, coupling agent, crosslinking agent and reinforcing agent. It has special effect as a herbicide of metal surface such as gold, silver and copper, it can improve corrosion resistance, antioxidation and improve it’s cohesiveness to polymer.
•It is widely used in filled polymers such as nitrile, hydroxybenzene, aldehyde, epoxy, PVC, polystyrene, polyurethane, polysulfide rubber, NBR, EPDM and NR system.
•It has special effect in tire industry and usually used for treating with silica and carbon black, fiberglass and talc powder inorganic fillers. It can markedly improve physical and mechanical proerties of vulcanizate. And it can improve tearing strength, tensile strength, abrasive resistance and reduce compression set of vulcanizates.
•It can be use for preventing shrinkage of textile fabrics.


Recommend dosage:1.0-4.0 PHR.

Package and storage

1.Package: 25kg, 200kg or 1000 kg in plastic drums.
2.Sealed storing:Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places moisture proof and water proof.
3.Storage life:Longer than two years in normal storing conditions.

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