Vinyl silanes Coupling Agent, HP-172/KBC-1003 (Shin-Etsu), CAS No. 1067-53-4, Vinyl tri (2-methoxyethoxy)

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Chemical Name

Vinyl tri (2-methoxyethoxy)

Structural Formula


Equivalent Product Name

A-172 (Crompton),VTMOEO (Degussa),KBC-1003 (Shin-Etsu),S230 (Chisso)

CAS Number


Physical Properties

A colorless or pale yellow liquid, soluble in ethyl alcohol﹑acetone﹑benzene﹑ethylether、carbon tetrachloride etc., insoluble in water, but hydrolyze when contact with water or moisture. The boiling point is 285℃, the molecular weight is 280.4.


HP-172 Content (%)

≥ 98.0

Density (g/cm3) (25℃)

1.040 ± 0.020

Refractive index (25℃)

1.430 ± 0.050

Application Range

•HP172 is a kind of multifunctional silane ,it can react with both inorganic filler and polymers.
•It can modify aluminium hydroxides and magnesium hydroxides fine powder that has large surface area, surface activity and high adsorption. So it can solve the problems such as agglomeration, inadequate modification, and uneven dispersion. Active anti-flammability agent without halogen made by using HP172 is now widely used to prevent wire, cable, electronic apparatus switch, engineering plastic, decorating material, coating and fabrics.
•In wire and cable industry, it can be used for treating crosslinking polyethylene synthesis material fillers so that it make filler surface hydrophobic, prevent interface from absorption of moisture, improve processability of filled plastics and compatibility of polymers with fillers, provide better dispersion, reduce viscosity of rubber products. It also can improve electrical and mechanical properties of insulating layer of cable, shorten mixing time, extrude quickly and improve abrasive resistance of extrusion molding.
•It can be used to increase adherence of crylic acid ester coating and inorganic filler surface.
•Adhesion agent and seal coating with good ability of water and heat resistance can be produced by mixing HP172 and few kinds of monomers.


Recommend dosage:1.0-4.0 PHR

Package and storage

1. Package: 25kg or 200kg in plastic drums.
2. Sealed storing:Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places.
3. Storage life:Longer than one year in normal storing conditions.


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