Vinyl silanes Coupling Agent+ HP-171/KBM-1003(Shin-Etsu)+ CAS No. 2768-02-7+ Package of 190kgs in iron drums

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Chemical Name

Vinyl trimethoxy silane

Structural Formula

CH2=CHSi( OCH3)3

Equivalent Product Name

A-171(Crompton), Z-6300 (Dowcorning), KBM-1003(Shin-Etsu),
VTMO (Degussa), S210 (Chisso)

CAS Number


Physical Properties

A colorless or pale yellow liquid, soluble in alcohol﹑isopropyl alcohol﹑benzene﹑toluene and gasoline, insoluble in water. Easily hydrolyze in the mixture of acid and water. Boiling point is 123℃, the flash point is 23℃, and the molecular weight is 148.2.


HP-171 Content (%)

≥ 98.0

Density (g/cm3)(25℃)

0.970± 0.020

Refractive index (25℃)

1.390± 0.020

Application Range

HP-171 is mainly used as crosslinking agent for polyethylene, and it can be used for treatment of fiberglass reinforced plastics, producing special synthetic coating, moisture-proof treatment of electronic product surface, and surface treatment for silicon-containing inorganic filler.
It can be used for modify cable, electric wire and coating goods, improve their electricals, heat resistance and stress resistance properties.
It can be used for manufacturing heat-resistant pipe or film. Crosslinked polyethylene has better performance such as oil resistance, stress resistance, high mechanical strength and heat resistance. These products can be used for decades.
When fiberglass and silicon-containing inorganic filler are dipped into HP-171 liquid, can improve adherence property of resin and fiberglass, improve mechanical and electrical properties of fiber glass and plastic products, and then prevent fiberglass from oxides, water and dust.
It can react with crylic acid monomer to form polymerization and then can manufacture special coating, it can protect product from oxide, water and dust.


Recommend dosage: 1.0-4.0 PHR

Package and storage

1. Package: 190kgs in iron drums.
2. Sealed storing:Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places.
3. Storage life:Longer than one year in normal storing condition.

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